Obama is not as good a public speaker as many people say he is and not as good as he thinks he is. His weaknesses are (1) He always looks and acts like he is mad. Who enjoys watching a speech by someone who always has a thunder cloud over his head?

(2) He is mean spirited. He threatens those who dare differ with him. He blames everything on George Bush, which is unprecedented behavior for a sitting president. Meanwhile, George Bush is a decent human being, never criticizing Obama at all. This is a matter of principal with Bush. Yet, Obama continues to bash Bush. He learned this meanness in Chicago where the politicians are used to running things like a mob would do, giving offers no one can refuse and breaking the knee caps of any who voice a contrary opinion. Why do Americans think that he is a good speaker?

(3) He can not think on his feet. That is why almost everything he says is read from a teleprompter. It gets to be a joke. The other day he was speaking to an elementary school class and he had to have his teleprompter there. When he gets out of touch with his handlers, or if they forget to tell him to avoid certain obvious mistakes, he stumbles badly and makes horrific mistakes. An example is what he did the day of the shooting at Ft Hood, when 13 of our men in uniform were killed by an Islamic terrorist. The announcement was made that the president will make a statement, and when He came to the podium he spent the first 5 minutes giving “shout outs” and talking about mundane things. Guess his handlers forgot to tell him that this statement has a singular and solemn purpose and that he should only offer condolences to the families of the dead, comfort the wounded, promise to bring Justice, and assure the nation that due vigilance was being taken. This error was due to immaturity, a lack of gravitas, and a lack of common sense. The result was that our war dead were treated with disrespect and the incident was treated with less importance than it deserved.

(4) He talks in a monotone. Not only does he think that it is an effective way to speak if he talks as if he is mad all the time (which of itself leads to a monotone), he also “lectures” his audience and talks down to them in a most arrogant manner. This is very tiring. No matter what subject he is discussing, his voice is on the same pitch, same cadence, same speed, and same drop in volume on the last word of each sentence.

I think the president has an undeserved reputation as a great speaker simply because he reads the teleprompter accurately. He obviously thinks that he is a great speaker and that his talking can fix anything, so he tries to make a speech every day. I hope the American people will come to realize that it is not “great swelling words” that make an effective speaker but measured and sincere words matched by appropriate deeds. T. Roosevelt talked softly and carried a big stick. Obama talks and talks and talks loudly and carries no stick at all.