Our neighbor died and we attended the funeral yesterday. He was 94 and a veteran of WW II. He died at the Lake City Veteran’s Hospice. He was a highly decorated soldier, having been awarded the Purple Heart and 7 additional Medals. Last Monday, Elliott Gates Hendry received his final promotion awarded by the Supreme Commander of the Universe which took him to the Headquarters where he desired to serve. Interment will be in Florida’s National Military Cemetery, Bushnell.Mr. Hendry proudly served in the Army Air Corp of the United States of America during WW II. He served in the Headquarters Squadron of the 27th Bombing group, 5th Bombing Command and held the rank of Master Sargent. He was captured in the Philippines at the Battle of Bataan. He was a survivor of the Bataan Death March in 1942. He was held as a POW in Japan for three and a half years. He was liberated when Japan surrendered and he departed Japan on October 10, 1945.A Masters of Education graduate of the University of Florida, Mr. Hendry made his living in Ornamental Horticulture.He was preceded in death by two of his sons and a grandson. He is survived by his wife of 63 years, Billie Jean Hendry.

The funeral was held at the Evangel Church of God, where Elliott was a member. The Pastor spoke about the caring of Jesus. It was a fine service. The Pastor did a very good job. Attendance at Elliot’s service was an appropriate way for us to spend part of the Memorial Day week-end. God, bless Elliott’s memory. We thank him and all of the Veterans who served our country. And Dear God, bless the memory of all those who died in battle. We owe them so much!

During the service, Trace Atkins video, “We Made It to Arlington,” was shown.