By Lloyd Streeter

Some folks are really unrealistic and superstitious about the American Indians. It is believed by naïve and unthinking people that American Indians were always more noble and more peaceful than all other people.

Human nature is the same all across the human race. All people descended from a single pair of human parents. All colors of people are the same morally. No people group is more peaceful, more honest, more generous, or more noble than other groups. The Bible says that all humans are depraved, bent toward sinful behavior, and selfish. American Indians are no better and no worse than any other people. But these truths escape some people, especially the liberals. Liberals tend to equate some skin pigmentation with a sort of superiority, the more pigmentation, the more supreme the people. This line of thinking is a peculiar kind of racism. In all of the moral, political, fraternal, and legal issues of life, we should simply ignore skin pigmentation. People are just people, and they should be treated as individuals, not as members of a race.

The American Indians are immigrants to the Americas. They came here in three waves between 10,000 to 1,000 years before Christ’s advent. Strictly speaking, they are not “Native Americans,” at least not any more than any other persons who were born in America. They are also not Indians, a name they acquired because the Europeans, who arrived in America in 1492, thought that they had reached an island off the coast of India. I, for one, will call the Indians whatever they want to be called, Indians, Native Americans, or Aboriginal (Indigenous), but a term that seems most appropriate is “First Americans,” because they were first to arrive here.

The American Indians are actually descendants of Asians. This is easily seen in their facial features as well as in their DNA. Yes, the Indians’ ancestors came here from Northeast Asia. It is known that the Indians crossed the Bearing Straits to migrate to what is now Alaska. They then spread Southward through what is now Canada, then to all of North America, South America, and even to all the islands in the Caribbean.  There were only a few million Indians in the US when the Europeans arrived. There were many, many Indians tribes, very diverse in customs, languages and degrees of advancement.

What this means is that the Indians have not “always been here.” They are descendants of immigrants, like the rest of us. It also means that the Indians are not Jews, as the Mormons teach. DNA studies have scientifically traced the origin of the Indians to various peoples in the vast regions of Asiatic Russia.

The First Americans, the American Indians, crossed the Bearing Straits, and over a period of approximately ten to twelve thousand years, settled on lands that they had not purchased. The lands were then settled, very sparsely, with most of the land having no human residents at all.

There were vicious wars between the various and multitudinous tribes. The Indians were as peaceful as any other people on earth, but they were also as cruel and blood thirsty in war as any other people. The tribes fought each other over land, hunting and fishing rights, and other grievances. They took slaves from among those that they conquered. They killed, raped, enslaved, and robbed one another, just as other peoples have done in war all through history.

The land areas changed “ownership” many times. When the Europeans arrived, they found that there was less than one person per square mile of land. Most of the 3 to 5 million Indians (in what is now the United States) lived along the coasts and great waterways.

Often the Europeans did not treat the Indians fairly, especially after wars. Sometimes, the Indians were forced onto reservations. Sometimes, they were robbed of their dignity. This is sad and inexcusable because the land was big enough for all to live comfortably.

However, any thoughts about the First Americans being some kind of god-like people should be jettisoned. Such thoughts are totally misguided and false. It is a false idea that Indians are always harmless, in tune with nature, respectful of the environment, and fair to those who disagree with them. These ideas have been used by the organizers of the North Dakota protests to sell their opposition to the pipeline to the American people. The truth is that Indians are just like other people with the same attitudes, the same motivations, and the same responses. They are just people with the same strengths and weaknesses as all other people.

With this background in mind, we come to the problem of the pipeline. In the news lately, we have learned of the Standing Rock Indians protesting, and even fighting with police, over the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

No one denies their right to protest as long as they do not break the law. However, 500 people have been arrested, mostly for fighting with the police. It should be kept in mind that many of the “protestors” are not Indians but organizers who have come from distant places to try to impede “big oil” from getting its product to market.

The organizers of the protests say the pipeline in North Dakota comes too close to the Indians’ reservation and that it endangers some of their ancestral sacred sites. They further claim to be worried about the pipeline crossing the Missouri River, which they say could pollute the drinking water.

It should be kept in mind that the planned route of the pipeline does not go through Indian lands. It only comes near the reservation. It should also be remembered that about 8 pipelines already cross the Missouri River. Even more importantly is the fact that if the pipeline is not built, many more oil trucks will have to pass over the bridges, crossing the river. Many more trains loaded with oil will have to cross the river on the trestles. Trucks and trains are far more likely to spill oil into the river than are the pipelines. These are somewhat inconvenient facts for those who oppose “big oil.”

To make matters worse for the tribe’s claims, the courts have ruled that the Indians failed to prove that any “sacred sites” are endangered by construction of the pipeline.

Any open minded person would have to question whether the protestors are exploiting the Indians in order to hinder the exploration, production, transportation, and use of oil. It is possible that some of the protestors care far more about opposing the burning of fossil fuels than they do about the Indians’ concerns.

It is unreasonable to promote the idea that the government would approve a pipeline that would not be safe. After all, the EPA, and indeed, all of the Federal government has been mostly unfriendly to oil.

The pipeline will be on private land. The land owners have a right to sell access to their own land. The protestors do not have the right to prevent the land owners from using their land for any legal purpose. The land owners’ rights and the rights of the owners of the pipeline are being trampled upon.

The larger issue, and the issue that underlies the protests, is the burning of oil and natural gas for our energy. The liberals think that we should use only wind and solar for our energy. But wind and solar are not ready for prime time. Windmills and solar panels leave their own footprint on the environment. Whether we like it or not, we will be dependent on coal, oil, and natural gas for many decades. So, we should learn to live with it. We should continue to develop ways to burn these fuels more cleanly. We should also continue to develop wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and all other forms of energy. We should continue to find ways to use these energy sources safely and economically. And we should stop taxing and regulating our industries so much that we force them to move to China, India, and other countries (taking our jobs with them) where no serious effort is made to burn coal and oil cleanly.

It is essential for the well-being of future generations of Americans that we become energy independent. We will need more oil and natural gas, not less, in the decades ahead. If America becomes an industrialized nation again, as our New President-elect has promised, and if we start making things in the USA again, we will definitely need more energy from all sources. We need the jobs! God put all of these great deposits of fuels in the earth for our benefit. He wants us to subdue the earth and use it for our good, for the good of everybody, including our First Americans.


By Lloyd Streeter

I will be voting for a straight Republican ticket this year. Why? Because, the Republican platform is superior to the Democrat platform. I have read both platforms which are over 50 pages each.

My vote is not exactly a vote for Donald Trump, although he, of course, will be in the mix. Mr. Trump has said some things and has done some things of which I do not approve at all. He was not my favorite candidate in the Republican primary. I cast my primary vote for Ted Cruz who fought for conservative principles before the Supreme Court, a man who is a true conservative, a highly intelligent lawyer, and a fine Christian.  But, according to many Republicans, Mr. Cruz apparently does not have a winsome personality, is somewhat of a nerd, and is hated by the political bosses of his own party.  I believe he would have made a fine President. But, of course, Trump won the nomination.

Donald Trump is brash, rude, and crude. He is not a conservative at all.  He has been a Democrat all of his life.  He voted for Obama. Until recently, he was in favor of a woman’s right to kill her unborn babies. He was a Democrat at the time that he made crude remarks to Billy Bush about how some celebrities are disrespectful in their behavior toward women.

But, as bad as Trump is, Hillary Clinton is worse. At least with Trump there are no dead bodies. The blood of the four Americans killed at Benghazi is upon Hillary’s hands. And that is not all!  Hillary is complicit in the deaths of many people who died in all of the countries where she promoted the overthrow of governments. Then there are the aborted babies.

So, my straight Republican vote is not exactly a vote for Trump. It is a vote for the Republican platform. I do want to send a message that I favor the principles in the Republican platform and oppose the policies of the Democrat platform. Here are five issues about which the Republican platform is superior, in my opinion.

  1. The Rights of the Unborn

The Democrat platform says a woman has the right to kill her unborn baby. The Democrats, in fact, are calling for even more killing of the unborn, the unlimited practice of “partial birth” abortion, and the repeal of the Hyde doctrine. Partial birth abortion is the procedure which allows the baby’s head to be born, and then the baby is knifed to death before the baby’s body can be born. The Hyde law, which Hillary wants to undo, is supposed to stop the use of our tax dollars for the grizzly business of abortion. The Democrat platform calls for continued public funding of Planned Parenthood, even though Planned Parenthood has been caught selling aborted baby body parts. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have lent their influence to the killing of 60 million unborn babies since 1973.

The Republican platform recognizes the right to life for unborn babies. The Republicans call for protections for the unborn, a Human Life Amendment, parental consent, waiting periods, and informed participation. The unborn are human persons from the moment of conception, a unique substance made in God’s image (see Psalm 139:13-16). God knew us, and recognized us when we were uncompleted, without any members, without heart, eyes, arms, or legs.  God saw us as persons from the beginning of that new substance. It is sin against God to kill innocent people, and that includes unborn babies. It is time to stop the slaughter of the unborn.

  1. The Supreme Court

The Democrat platform has a litmus test for any appointments to the Supreme Court. The Democrats call for Supreme Court justices who favor abortion, favor same-sex marriage, favor more gun control, and favor citizenship for illegal aliens. Hillary and the Democrats want to pack the Court with justices who will make up laws where none exist. This is all very dangerous for our future and for our grandchildren.

The Republican platform calls for justices who will recognize the limits that the US Constitution puts upon their power. It stands for the 10th Amendment rights of the States to decide local questions that should be reserved for the States. The GOP platform takes steps to protect freedom of religion. It opposes amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens who have entered our country with disrespect for our laws. It recognizes that the death penalty for capital murder is a matter of settled law. And the GOP platform says that Supreme Court decisions that allow same-sex marriage were wrongly decided and should be reversed. There is no question about the fact that the Republican platform is more in line with what the Bible teaches about justice, mercy, and truth.

  1. The Economy and Taxes

The Democrat platform contains many job killing and economy destroying ideas.  The Democrats want to raise taxes on all of those who have incomes large enough so that they can invest and create jobs. The Dems want to increase the death tax (estate tax), thus forcing many small businesses and family farms to be sold to pay the tax.  The Hillary supporters want to continue Obama Care and even increase the penalties and taxes to support it. The economy cannot grow beyond its 1% present rate until taxes are lowered, regulations are loosened, and Obama Care is repealed and replaced.

The Republican platform calls for lower taxes and fewer regulations on business and individuals. The Republicans want fairer trade with foreign countries, so that we stop giving our country away at the rate of $800B per year (trade deficit). The GOP wants to close our borders and regulate illegal immigration which is costing our citizens thousands of jobs. There are no jobs that Americans will not do if they are paid a fair wage. The Republicans want to repeal Obama Care which made it impossible for many employers to hire full-time workers. Most of the new jobs in the last 8 years have been part-time, low paying jobs. Americans have not had a raise in income for more than 15 years, and Republicans call for a correction of this situation. The Republicans also want the death tax to be repealed.

  1. Illegal Immigration

The Democrat platform says that illegal immigrants should have a path to citizenship.  The Democrats call for more and more admittance of Middle Eastern refugees even though it is impossible to properly vet them. Hillary and her supporters fudge on what proper vetting is. Obama and the Democrats have not kept America safe.  Attacks from Radical Islamic terrorists have multiplied under Obama’s years in the Presidency. Dozens of immigrants from the Middle East have killed Americans, have conducted Jihad against America, have plotted to explode bombs, and have committed other terrorist attacks against Americans. And yet, the Democrats oppose restrictions on un-vetted immigrants, and offer protection to illegal aliens through sanctuary cities and lack of enforcement of immigration law.

The Republican platform calls for the closing of our borders to keep out illegals, lawbreakers, criminals, and illegal drugs. Republicans are opposed to any form of amnesty for those who have entered our country illegally. The GOP wants to refuse entrance to any person who cannot be vetted. The Republican position on immigration is safer and wiser because it is designed to serve our own national interest instead of the interests of criminals, globalists, and a political party seeking more immigrant voters.

  1. Guns

The Democrat platform calls for more gun control. Hillary wants the right-to-carry decisions of the Supreme Court to be reversed. The Democrats want to incrementally chip away at our gun rights through law suits against gun manufactures, through restrictions on the purchase of ammunition, through the limitation of the number of guns one may buy, and through other restrictions.

The Republican platform defends the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans. The right of sane, non-criminal Americans to own and carry firearms is necessary for self-protection and for the protection of our families and other innocent people. If every law abiding American gave up all of his guns, the criminals, gangs, and terrorists would still have guns. It is not right for the Democrats to push for the destruction of our gun rights. There are enough gun laws on the books already if they were only being enforced.

These are the five main reasons that I will vote for the Republican platform this year. However, there are many other reasons that I will vote straight Republican.

The Democrats want to push Israel for a “Two-State Solution;” I do not.

The Democrats want to close Guantanamo Bay prison; I do not.

The Democrats want only sun and wind energy. I want all forms of energy, including coal, oil, and gas obtained through fracking.

The Democrats want a bigger Federal government controlling all water, all education, all farming, and all healthcare; I do not.

On November 8, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected as our next President. There are no other possibilities. There are objections to both of them.  Both of them have filthy mouths. Both of them are selfish. Maybe Donald Trump will complete the ruination of our country if he is elected; but Hillary will, without a doubt, complete the ruination of our country if she is elected. Hillary Clinton is an awful person!  She is a compulsive, congenital liar who cannot tell the truth. She is completely corrupt and moves from one scandal to another—cattle futures, money laundering, White House Travel Office Firings, Whitewater, and her mishandling of national secrets through her private email server. She sold her Secretary of State office so often that she and her husband became extremely wealthy. She abused, threatened, and ridiculed the women that her husband sexually assaulted. She does not know how normal people live because she never gets out of her bubble. She proved herself unworthy and unfit to be Commander-in-Chief at Benghazi when she failed to protect Americans and left them there to die.

My vote for a straight Republican ticket is not so much a vote for Trump as it is a vote against Hillary. It is a vote for the Republican platform. It is a vote for my grandchildren. What would I tell my grandchildren if I have the opportunity to vote against abortion, and I do not do it?  What would I tell my grandchildren if I do not vote for a safer, better America.



By Lloyd Streeter

Recently, a liberal college professor challenged my views about how I believe that police officers should be treated with respect. People of all races need to learn, how to respond when they are approached by the police. That is, they need to learn to obey all orders to not resist, and to be respectful. The conversation with the professor evolved into a more general discussion of my view about being color-blind about race. I believe that being color-blind, or race-blind, is the most moral way for all of us to behave. It is the way children in our family were taught to be by my mother. Color-blind is also the way Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught all Americans to be; that is, to judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. That, to Dr. King, was the “Promised Land,” the place that he prayed for his children to reach even though he did not expect to reach it during his life-time. But most modern liberals have rejected Dr. King’s color-blind vision. These liberals are not in favor of race-neutral behaviors and policies. They want race-based laws and race-conscious behaviors on the part of all Americans. Racial color-blindness once held a secure position in law. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 codified the color-blind consensus of the American people. But the race industry and the race hustlers have been leading the American people away from this race-neutral consensus. This has been going on for about fifty years. The change came with a hyper-emphasis on the concept of affirmative action. Liberals have rejected Dr. King’s dream, a dream that is now an embarrassment and millstone to liberal race activists. They want special treatment. They want positive discrimination in favor of one race or another. All races have been oppressed at some time in history.  Ancestral discrimination and mistreatment cannot be the basis of special treatment in America today without discrimination against all other races. The only sensible answer, the only moral answer, is to treat individuals as individuals, not as members of a race. In other words, people should be treated as people, not as a race. People should be treated as individual persons created in God’s image, persons whose character should determine the amount of respect and dignity to which he, or she, is entitled. Here are some of the comments which I made to the college professor.

“There is some police brutality against all races in America. But no one approves of it, and there is far, far more brutality of law breakers of all races against innocent people. We need police to protect us from law breakers. Police are overwhelmingly not bad people. Police also need to be protected, and at a lower cost (it is becoming very expensive to protect our police), from brutal people of all races.

“You are right that dark skinned people are not overwhelmingly bad people compared to light skinned people. And neither are light skinned people overwhelmingly bad people compared to dark skinned people. We should be color-blind and judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. I believe more people are doing that today than ever before, even though Obama has made race relations much worse during the last 8 years. There is very little targeting of people because of the color of their skin, either by police departments where the personnel are mostly Black or in departments where most of the personnel are mostly White. The same is true in Hispanic departments. Most people who have to deal with the police do so because someone in their neighborhood called the police about a problem or a crime that was being committed. We have in Lake City, where I live, a Black woman police chief, and I am proud of her because she does an excellent job. Also, about half of our police department is Black. There is very, very little systemic or tolerated police brutality, organized or unorganized, in America. That was a problem of 60 years ago, in the days of my youth; but except for a few isolated incidents, it is not a problem today. There are those who want to manufacture it as a problem for political reasons, but not everything is about race, and nothing should be. There is a great need for people to just love others and pay no attention to their race. That is what Jesus would have us to do.

“I know that some people think that it is wrong to try to be color-blind to race. I respectfully disagree. For me it would not be right to try to give one person a benefit over another person on the basis of skin color, race, or ethnicity. For me that would be wrong, racist, and sinful. By color blind or race blind, I do not mean that I do not ‘see the race of others,’ as you put it. I see the race and ethnicity of other people and appreciate many aspects of their culture. By color blind I mean that I do not discriminate, either for or against people, on the basis of their race, skin color, or national origin.

“When liberals say that we should not be color blind, and that ‘it only makes things worse,’ they usually mean that we should discriminate in a positive way. In other words, that we should give a benefit of some kind on the basis of race, and that this should be done because of past negative discrimination. I see several things that are wrong in this scheme. First, it is almost impossible to discriminate positively in favor of one person on the basis of race without discriminating negatively against at least one other person. Without being overly extensive in my explanation, I offer this example: I have some rental property (incidentally, all of my renters are presently Black or Hispanic people), and when I am taking applications from prospective renters I may have an applicant who is Native American, one who is Black, one who is Asian, one who is Irish, and one who is a Jew. We could look at their family histories and see that in every case these races and nationalities were discriminated against. Native Americans had their land stolen and they were sent down a Trail of Tears, to a reservation. Blacks were often trapped and put in slavery, denied their civil rights, abused and mistreated by law. Asians were pushed to the margins of society, and had the atomic bomb dropped on them. Irish people were oppressed by the English, starved in the Potato Famine, and often captured by the English and sold into slavery. Jews have been dispossessed of their homeland, hated, hounded, driven into all the world, and slaughtered by the millions. Now, I am saying that I should not decide among them on the basis of color or race in selecting a renter for my house. Why? Because to do so is to discriminate against all of the others, and that is racist. So, I decide about renters on the basis of good business decisions, not race i.e., credit reports, police reports, rental history, etc.

“Second, the laws of our country require, for the most part, that all races be treated with equality. I think that those are good laws. If we give a person a benefit over others in housing, in education, or in job opportunities (taking into account possible mistreatment of his ancestors in race history, or any other excuse) we are not treating people equally before the law. That is wrong.

“Third, I must be color-blind as much as possible because I am convinced that that is how God wants me to be. Jesus is color blind. He died for the entire world, without exception. He saves any and all, irrespective of race or color, when they come to Him and trust in Him. He told us to love our neighbor. He went through Samaria and saved one of another race to show us that we should be color-blind, like He is. The song we learned in Sunday school is true: ‘Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and Yellow, Black, and White, They are precious in his sight. Jesus loves all the children of the world.’

“We agree that there is still a residue of racism in America. We agree that great progress has been made. We agree that racism is evil. But we disagree about how to combat the evil. I think that real genuine conversion to Christ which produces a change in the heart is the answer, and that does not take generations to accomplish.

“Too many people have not been color-blind in the last 50 years (sort of like soap, if it is not used it is not going to work). They want to make everything about race, either by saying that race should determine special treatment or that another race is the source of most of our problems. This is racist and poisonous to good race relations.

“When we focus on one race’s problems we tend to discriminate in a negative way against the other races. For example, you mention that ‘Blacks still have to work harder to acquire jobs, homes, and an education,’ (something that would not be true if society was more color-blind). But while you are focused on those problems you are not saying, ‘Native Americans still have to work harder…’ or ‘Jews still have to work harder…’ etc. So, you are accentuating the problems of one race while ignoring the problems of another race, or to be more precise, you are accentuating the problems of one INDIVIDUAL while ignoring the fact that other INDIVIDUALS also have problems, maybe even greater problems than the one you are trying to help. This is what happens when we treat people as members of a race instead of treating them as individual people. No, I believe we should treat all people equally, without any attention to race, with neither preferential treatment nor unfair treatment.

“As for how I would address any problems of racism, I have already told you that the answer is to know God personally through faith in His Son, Jesus. God changes hearts when people are converted to Christ through the miracle of God’s grace. The problem is within man, and his heart needs to be changed. That is why I have spent the last 50 years preaching the gospel, and I have seen many people changed, not about racism only, but about a lot of things. It is the key to seeing people begin to love others and to accept people as persons for whom Christ died, and that means to love people irrespective of race, and whether they are rich or poor, young or old, male or female, fat or skinny, smart or dumb.

“Finally, you asked if I would be opposed to putting more money into teaching police how to deescalate situations. I would not be opposed to spending more tax dollars to educate people about how to respond when they are approached by a cop. And I would not be opposed to increasing police training where it is needed to help police of all races to be more color-blind in dealing with the public.”


by Lloyd Streeter

Yes, our country needs prayer.  First, this issue shows the complete lack of wisdom in a majority shoving through a major law without any support from the minority.  The bill was passed by only one vote and with not one Republican vote.  The way it was written and the way it was passed was very unwise.  No one knew what was in it when it passed, and the more people found out what was in it, the less they liked it.  Now, sixty percent of the American people are opposed to Obamacare.  Second, in 2010, the American people threw more than 60 congressional Democrats out of office because they wanted Obamacare repealed, and the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.  Those Republicans were reelected in 2012, and they are committed to doing what they promised and what they were elected to do, repeal Obamacare.  They cannot in good conscience vote to fund Obamacare.  Third, it should be remembered that all money bills must begin in the House of Representatives.  That means that the House holds the purse strings.  It was planned that way by our Founders.  It is the prerogative of the House to fund or not to fund programs as seems wise to it.  The President and the Senate should be sure that the laws they pass and sign have enough support in the House so that they can be funded.  The House, because all members are elected every two years, is supposed to be most responsive to the American people, and it should not vote to fund programs that the American people do not want.  So, that means that we are at an impasse.  Fourth, Statesmen are always willing to compromise for the good of the country.  Right now, it appears that the Republicans are willing to compromise and the Democrats are not.  When the Republicans said, “We want a one year delay on implementation of Obamacare,” what could be wrong with the Democrats saying, “Would you settle or a 6 month delay”?  But the President and the Democrats did not do that.  They said, “We will not compromise.”  What is really behind all of this?  Answer, politics.  If the President and the Democrats thought that they were being blamed more that Republicans for the shutdown, the shutdown would end immediately.

One of the big problems with Obamacare is that it is going to produce more uninsured people than it insures.  It is already producing many uninsured people as employers drop employee insurance programs.  This is often done by reducing all of the full-time employees to part-time.  The reason that the employers do this is the high cost of insurance which all employers are obligated to buy under Obamacare for all full-time employees, if they have over 50.  So, not only do the employees lose their insurance, they also lose their full-time job.  Also, young and healthy people are not going to buy Obamacare insurance because of the very high price.  They would rather pay the penalty/fine, and they can still sign up after they get sick because there are no waiting periods for preexisting conditions.  The best studies say that the exchanges will cover only about 7 million people who can not get or keep insurance from another source.  And, say these studies, after several years, there will still be at least 30 million uninsured people in America, which interestingly is just about exactly the same number of uninsured people we have today.

I’ve heard that there are 30 or 32 million people in this country who are without health insurance.  Of course, there is a difference between not having health insurance and not having health care.  Everyone in America has some health care if they want to go get it.  Even illegal aliens get it.  That said, I’ve also read that 12 million of the 30 or 32  million can afford health insurance but they do not want to buy it because they have enough money to pay for the care that they receive.  Additionally, millions of young adults buy only catastrophic health insurance, which they can get for a very low premium.  They are young and healthy and do not need anything except a catastrophic illness policy.  So, I have always wondered, Why didn’t Obama and the Dems just take the 20 million people who want insurance and can’t get it and allow them to get Medicare??  There would have to be an additional tax to pay for it and to save Medicare, but it would have been a lot easier and less expensive for everyone than all this rigamarole of taxing or fining employers and people who refuse to buy insurance, mandating all kinds of stuff, hiring all these new IRS “police” to run everything, forcing employers to lay off  all their full-time workers, and so forth.  Maybe Obama didn’t do it that way because it is really not about health care or  even health insurance.  It is about controlling everyone and redistributing the wealth.


Lloyd Streeter posted this comment in response to the coverage regarding the Navy Yard Shooting which took place on September 16, 2013.

I don’t know why the government doesn’t enforce the gun laws that are already on the books instead of asking for more and more gun laws.  Well, actually I do know–it is because the gal is not to stop these killings but to eventually confiscate all guns from the hands of private citizens.  But any way, this guy would not have had a gun if the feds had just enforced the laws that are already on the books.  Those with mental illness are not supposed to be able to by guns, and this guy, like all the other mass shooters, was nuttier than a fruit cake.  Also, those who commit felonies or break laws with guns are not supposed to be able to obtain or keep guns, and he was involved in two previous shootings incidents including the shooting of the tires off of a car that parked in his spot.  We don’t need more gun laws to restrict the rights of law abiding Americans.


by Lloyd Streeter

Let me tell you why I am in favor of allowing the country to go over the “fiscal cliff.” Both the Democrats and the Republicans in Washington, both the President and congress are threatening each other with the most dire consequences if the country goes over the “fiscal cliff” on January 1. All of these politicians, of course, are posturing for political advantage. They care more about who is going to win politically than they do about solving our country’s economic problems.

The, so called, “fiscal cliff” is a date certain, January 1, 2013, when taxes will go up in a very steep way. The “Bush tax cuts” will end and everyone’s taxes will go up. Both the middle class and “the rich” will find themselves paying more to the Federal government.

But the “Bush tax cuts” ending is not the only tax increase on January 1. There will be a three and a half percent increase in capital gains for people who make over $250,000 per year. There are several other taxes that individuals will face, including penalties for not participating in Obama Care. There has been a payroll tax reduction in effect for sometime now, a sort of “stimulus” for the economy. But this “payroll tax holiday” will end on January 1. Some states will also increase their income taxes. It is a frightening prospect and will be shocking to people. Going over the cliff will be painful. Paying the piper always is.

No one likes the thought of his taxes going up, and what happens on January 1 may, or may not, cause another recession. It may, or may not, cause a lot more unemployment because employers will have less money to hire people and keep people on the payroll.

So, even though the vast majority of people will disagree with me, and though no one else is saying this, I think the country would be best served by going over the “fiscal cliff.” Let me tell you why.

First, the American people are not going to insist that government cut spending until they have to begin paying for some of the “free stuff” they have been getting. The real problem with our economy, of course, is government spending and the National debt, now more that $16T, and likely to be over $20T by the end of Obama’s second term. Most of the American people have no will to solve this problem, as evidenced by the reelection of the President. However, if the American people had to begin paying for some of the “free” goodies they receive, it might shock them into demanding that spending to be seriously cut.

Second, it is immoral to keep going deeper and deeper in debt. I have always believed in paying for what I get. That is only right. What would happen to a family if it went further and further in debt every year, but kept on spending and borrowing one third of all that it spent? What would happen to a company if it did such an immoral thing? But this is what government does. We should raise taxes on everyone enough to pay for what we get. That, along with serious spending cuts, will eventually put the U.S. back on a sound financial basis.

Third, it is high time that the “middle class” and even the low income people begin to pay their “fair share.”  About one half of the American work force pays no Federal income tax at all. Everyone should share in the sacrifice to pay for our country. Half of Americans should not be “takers,” paying for nothing.  Even people who earn $30K per year should pay something. Are we real Americans?  If so, we should have “some skin in the game.” The low income and middle income people will never stop demanding more and more “free stuff” until they actually have to start paying for some of it.

Fourth, going off the fiscal cliff and raising more revenue is better than simply printing money to pay for what we want. The government borrows a lot, but also prints a lot of money to pay for government. The government is flooding the economy with cheap dollars. In a sense, these dollars are fake dollars. It is a sort  of legalized government counterfeiting operation. The more dollars that are printed, the less your money is worth. Have you noticed that what you need to buy has been getting more and more expensive? Groceries, gasoline, and all other products needed for your daily living have been increasing more and more in price because your dollars are worth less and less. This is called inflation. Inflation is the cruelest tax of all because it devalues all that Americans have saved and devalues every monetary instrument. Your retirement account, your mutual fund investments, and your savings account are all worth less every day. The government sneaks into your bank account and steals some of the value out of your money. The government is able to get your money this way without any vote in congress, or anywhere else. If the government is going to continue to spend an enormous amount of money, we ought to at least raise the money through taxes, not just print it. So, either go over the cliff or stop spending so much.

Finally, I favor going over the “fiscal cliff” because none of the proposals being advanced by either the Democrats or the Republicans will solve the country’s economic problems. Obama wants to raise the rates from 36% to 39% on just the top 2% of taxpayers, only on the “rich.” This will raise only a pittance, not enough to run the government for 10 days. The Republicans, on the other hand, want to simply eliminate some tax deductions. This will also result in just a pittance of revenue, not enough to do any real good. Some Republicans are in favor of cutting spending in a serious way, and that would certainly be a good step. But if they are truly serious about it, they will refuse to raise the debt limit when it comes up in a few months. It is time for some desperate, lifesaving action. Do any of these politicians realize that this is an emergency? We are broke! We owe more than we can ever pay, but we had better make a start at it.

The U.S. government needs to drastically cut spending. That is the only real solution to our country’s economic problems. I do not favor huge cuts in our military (though some cuts are necessary), but we should take an ax to much that we are spending in other areas. Only when the American people are jarred out of their deadly slumber, will they begin to demand that politicians start doing something about these problems. Let’s go over the cliff!

Posted Dec. 8, 2012


by Lloyd Streeter

The following article was written after Memorial Day in 2002 following the attack on the Twin Towers in New York.  Almost 3000 people died on that day, September 11,2001.

Memorial Day has been observed.  Thousands of speeches have been delivered and millions of words have gone into print and have been broadcast in the media.  We pray that most Americans had a reflective, prayerful, and grateful day of remembrance of those who gave their lives in defense of our freedoms.  We honor those who died, those who lost their health or limbs, and the families who suffered.  We salute the men and women who are fighting for America today.  Our children and grandchildren would have a dismal future if it were not for those who fought for America in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and in the War on Terror.

Some things are clear now, much clearer than they were on September 11.  We know now that America is being attacked because of our Judeo-Christian heritage and because of America’s support for Israel.  Osama Ben Laden said in a video broadcast two weeks ago that his kind will continue to attack America because we are friends to the Jews.  Osama and his kind do not want Israel to exist.  Out of hatred for the Jews they will bomb, kill, and destroy.  But America should never cease to support Israel.  God will never allow the Jews to be completely destroyed because He has a great future for them according to Bible prophecy.  There will one day be a world-wide Jewish kingdom when Jesus Christ sits on the throne of David at Jerusalem.  In that day, there shall be unending peace, prosperity, good will, and universal good health for all of earth’s inhabitants.  Until that kingdom age of our Lord Jesus Christ arrives, we should remember that the nations of the world are going to be judged by God for how they treat the Jews.  In Genesis 12:1-3, we read what God said at the time that He called Abraham and elected Israel to be His chosen people.  He said to Abraham, “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

During the present crisis, we should try to be at our best spiritually and morally.  When England was being bombed every night and every day in WW II, Winston Churchill gave a stirring speech in which he expressed the hope that a thousand years later the world would still be saying, “This was their finest hour.”

So we ask, will this be one of our finest hours?  If we are to be at our best, we must lay aside partisan politics as they relate to the war.  It does no good to  point fingers and try to fix blame on one another for the September 11 attack.  When some senators tried to do that recently, they did not serve their country well.

If we are going to be at our best, we must be grateful for America.  We have enjoyed both bounty and safety.  These are gifts from God.  Remember that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” [James 1:17]  Thank God for all His blessings on America!

If we are to be at our best, reliance on God must replace self trust.  David wrote, “Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word.” [Psalm 119:67]  There was a renewed interest in religion after September 11, but we have already begun to let that slip  away.  We cannot afford the error of self reliance.  Our hope must be in the Lord.

If we are to be at our best, we must hold high our President and our military.  Hold them high in your prayers.  Hold them high in your support.  We must not allow our armed forces to be weakened or our intelligence community to be decimated.  Jesus taught us that “When a strong man armed keepth his palace, his goods are in peace: but when a stronger than he shall come upon him, he taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoils.” [Luke 11:21-22]

On September 16, the first Sunday after the attack on America, I said in my morning sermon, “It may be that President Bush has come to the kingdom for such a time as this.”  I was, of course, referring to the passage in the Old Testament book of Esther.  It has certainly proven to be true that President Bush has served our country well.  He is not bashful about his faith in God.  He bows his head while others are leading in prayer instead of looking all around the room or talking to others.  He prays publicly, leading his country in prayer.  He has said often in personal letters and to individuals on a personal basis, “Thank you for your prayers.  It means a lot to me.”

The President is relying on God.  He has not made many mistakes.  He deserves our support.

When President Bush closed his address to the nation on September 13, he said, “Tonight, I ask for your prayers for all those who grieve, for the children whose worlds have been shattered, for all whose sense of safely and security has been threatened.  And I pray they will be comforted by a Power greater than any of us, spoken through the ages in Psalm 23: ‘Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.'”  It was good to hear our President talk like this.

September 11 was a wake up call to America.  God took center stage.  He deserves to be there all the time and forever!  Wake up, America!  Wake up, Christians!  Do right and be right!  The Bible says, “Awake thou that sleepeth. . . .” [Ephesians 5:14]


by Lloyd Streeter
The downgrade of the credit and bonds of the US is inevitable and has been inevitable for a long time now, as long as we keep spending money that we do not have, spending at this great rate and borrowing over a trillion dollars every year. There will be a down grade but not a default on our debts, because the Fed is going to print enough money to cover all of the government’s obligations. The US will pay the interest on US debts with devalued dollars. This means that there is a gargantuan inflation of our money coming.Obama has known all along that a downgrade is coming and he is glad that the present debt limit crisis has surfaced because it gives him the opportunity to blame the downgrade on the Republicans. To Obama anything is preferable to stopping the spending. The only way to redistribute the wealth is by spending, and redistribution is Obama’s major goal. He is hell-bent on redistribution, even if it means that the monetary system of the U.S. is ruined and we have to start over with an entirely new system.

This is just my opinion, and I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

I want to make it clear that I do believe that there is a way out of the looming default and super inflation future, but I do not think that the Dems or the Repubs in Congress will go for it. We can cut a lot but we can not cut enough to avoid the crises; after all, we can not cut the Fed budget by 1/3. And there does have to be a raise in revenue, but I do not believe Repubs are going to allow a rise in the income tax rates. The answer, I believe, is to cut all that we can cut, institute a national 2% sales tax, and eliminate most, if not all, income tax deductions, and institute a lower flat-like individual income tax with only two tax rates, 10% for incomes of $40,000 -$150,000 and 15% for incomes over $150,000. Business and corporate incomes should keep most of their deductions, and maybe have them increased for hiring new U.S. workers. Some reforms need to be made in SS and medicare, too. And Obamacare should be repealed because we can not afford it.


(A newspaper article by Lloyd Streeter)

Abortion has now been legal on a nation-wide basis for 33 years. Many millions of babies have been killed in the abortion holocaust. Every decent and thoughtful person should oppose this grizzly slaughter of innocent little babies. We should oppose it in our influence, in the voting booth, and in all of our thinking.

Abortion is a sin against God. It is sin because God, and only God, gives life; therefore life is sacred, and the unjustified taking of life is a slap at the Person of God.

Abortion is a sin against God because God values the unborn child. He deals with the unborn one as a person from the time of conception. There are many scriptures to prove this (John 10:8-12; Isaiah 49:1 and 5; Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 139:13-16; Luke 1:41 and 44).

Abortion is a sin against God because an unborn child is a human being scientifically. He is not like a tumor, an appendix, a tonsil, or a blob of flesh. An unborn child’s heart beats, his brain works, he responds to stimuli, he feels pain, and he has intellect, emotion, and will. Make no mistake about it, when a baby is aborted, a human person is killed.

God is honored when little helpless unborn babies are protected. We have the responsibility of doing all we can to protect them. This means that we must oppose abortion which is the biggest threat faced by the unborn.

I have heard all of the clichés, “A woman has a right to privacy.” But wait, killing a person is not right just because it is done in private. Almost all murders are committed in private. Should we remove all penalties for murders if they are committed in private? The “privacy argument” is nonsense.

Another cliché, “Unwanted babies should not be allowed to be born because they will be neglected and abused.” But there are very, very few unwanted babies. They are all wanted by someone. There are never enough babies to satisfy those who want to adopt them. The “unwanted baby” argument is more nonsense.

Still another cliché says, “If we keep abortion legal it will be safer and more sterile and will save some lives.” Strange argument, this. We have legalized a procedure which is supposed to produce safety and protect lives, and it has cost fifty million lives of unborn babies! More nonsense!

Another cliché says, “The woman has the right to control her own body.” But the unborn baby is not part of the mother’s body. The unborn child is an individual human being with its own separate body. That unborn child should have rights, also. No woman should have the right to use her body to kill another human person, even if that other human person lives within the woman’s body.

One final cliché says, “No one knows when life begins.” Well, if you don’t know when life begins, then you certainly should not go about getting an abortion. Do you think it would be all right to fire a shot gun blast through a door when you do not know if someone is on the other side of the door? You say, “Why, that would be immoral!” Right! And it would be immoral to get an abortion if you don’t know when life begins.

Actually, we do know when human life begins. When a human sperm with twenty-three chromosomes unites with a human ovum with twenty-three chromosomes, the result is that human life begins. It is not a vegetable. It is not a mineral. It is not a cow. It is not a horse. It is human life.

I read a little story a while back. Here it is: A young teenaged girl learned that she was pregnant. She had a fiancé, but he was not the father of the baby. Her family was poor and it would be difficult to have another mouth to feed. Her family had a good name in the community, and she hated to see her family embarrassed. An abortion would have been a quick, easy solution to the situation. But she did not have an abortion. She had the baby. It was a little boy. She named Him Jesus.

I would not want to conclude without saying that there is forgiveness for any sinner, even for one who has killed, if he will come to Jesus Christ by faith, repenting of sin. “God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God” John 3:17 and 18.



Obama is not as good a public speaker as many people say he is and not as good as he thinks he is. His weaknesses are (1) He always looks and acts like he is mad. Who enjoys watching a speech by someone who always has a thunder cloud over his head?

(2) He is mean spirited. He threatens those who dare differ with him. He blames everything on George Bush, which is unprecedented behavior for a sitting president. Meanwhile, George Bush is a decent human being, never criticizing Obama at all. This is a matter of principal with Bush. Yet, Obama continues to bash Bush. He learned this meanness in Chicago where the politicians are used to running things like a mob would do, giving offers no one can refuse and breaking the knee caps of any who voice a contrary opinion. Why do Americans think that he is a good speaker?

(3) He can not think on his feet. That is why almost everything he says is read from a teleprompter. It gets to be a joke. The other day he was speaking to an elementary school class and he had to have his teleprompter there. When he gets out of touch with his handlers, or if they forget to tell him to avoid certain obvious mistakes, he stumbles badly and makes horrific mistakes. An example is what he did the day of the shooting at Ft Hood, when 13 of our men in uniform were killed by an Islamic terrorist. The announcement was made that the president will make a statement, and when He came to the podium he spent the first 5 minutes giving “shout outs” and talking about mundane things. Guess his handlers forgot to tell him that this statement has a singular and solemn purpose and that he should only offer condolences to the families of the dead, comfort the wounded, promise to bring Justice, and assure the nation that due vigilance was being taken. This error was due to immaturity, a lack of gravitas, and a lack of common sense. The result was that our war dead were treated with disrespect and the incident was treated with less importance than it deserved.

(4) He talks in a monotone. Not only does he think that it is an effective way to speak if he talks as if he is mad all the time (which of itself leads to a monotone), he also “lectures” his audience and talks down to them in a most arrogant manner. This is very tiring. No matter what subject he is discussing, his voice is on the same pitch, same cadence, same speed, and same drop in volume on the last word of each sentence.

I think the president has an undeserved reputation as a great speaker simply because he reads the teleprompter accurately. He obviously thinks that he is a great speaker and that his talking can fix anything, so he tries to make a speech every day. I hope the American people will come to realize that it is not “great swelling words” that make an effective speaker but measured and sincere words matched by appropriate deeds. T. Roosevelt talked softly and carried a big stick. Obama talks and talks and talks loudly and carries no stick at all.