A newspaper article by Lloyd Streeter

“School days, school days, Dear old golden rule days. ‘Readin’ and ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmetic, Taught to the tune of a hick’ry stick.  I was your queen in calico.  You were my bashful barefoot beau.  And I wrote on your slate, ‘I love you, Joe’, When we were a couple of kids.”

Yes, once again, it is time for school to begin.  Parents and students have been shopping for school clothes and school supplies.  In a few days, the classrooms of grade schools and high schools all over the Illinois Valley will fill up with students.  It is an exciting time.  There are old friends to meet and much to talk about.  There are new students and new teachers to get to know.  It can be one of the happiest times of the year.

All across America, many parents have chosen to send their children to Christian schools.  Many of these schools are conservative, patriotic, and have good academics.  Parents who choose these schools sometimes do so as a matter of conviction rather than convenience.  These parents enroll their children in the Christian school because they believe that God has commanded in His Word that children be given a Christian education.

Sometimes those who do not understand ask, “Why do Christian schools exist?  Why would parents pay tuition to send their children to them?  Aren’t the facts of math, science, and history the same no matter where they are taught?”

Of course, there is much more involved than the facts of math, science, and history.  Why do Bible-believing Christian schools exist? Here are some reasons.

Because the honor and glory of God is the highest purpose of life, including education.

Because the major purpose of education is to show a student how to face God, not to show him how to face the world.

Because Christian schools give a good, sound, conservative education which is integrated with the Word of God.

Because students study the Bible and pray every day in Christian schools.

Because classroom discipline, necessary for education, is highly valued in Christian schools.

Because children are impressionable and need to be taught the truth and need to have teachers who are good examples.

Because the approach of Christian schools to music, drama, social life, and athletics is one of seeking to honor God.

Because Christian school norms on achievement tests are well above average.

Because Christian schools teach students to respect government leaders, to pray for and love our country.

Because Christian school teachers take the time to help their students, giving them prayer and care consistent with the Christian view of life.

Because Christian schools work in harmony with the Christian home, supplementing it, but not supplanting it.

Because man was created by a direct act of God, not by evolution.

Because Christian school teachers are godly, clean-living, spiritually-minded, highly experienced, and professionally capable.

Because Christian schools have a conduct code and a dress code which is enforced so as to produce mature behavior and a good learning environment.

Because Christian schools use as their core curriculum books and materials such as those from A Beka Book, a Christian treasury of textbooks that reflect the very best in scholarship, design, and practicality, developed and refined over a fifty year period in the classrooms of Pensacola Christian Academy.

Because Christian schools teach their students that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that it is not just one of many religious books, that it is not filled with myths, fables, and errors.

Because normally Christian schools are free from violence, illicit drugs, and harmful teaching about globalism (international socialism), abortion, homosexuality, and other sins.

Because Christian schools endeavor to teach students to be like the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because God does exist.

These are sound and sensible reasons for the formation of convictions about Christian school education. After all, we can rear our children only once. We have to do it right.